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Welcome to our newsletter.

Winter purslane is growing well at the moment. Also known as claytonia or miners lettuce, this tasty green loves the cold wet conditions.

July 2016 In our aquaponics system we have replaced all the water spinach with watercress which is thriving in the colder conditions.

April 2016  We will be at North Sydney market twice a month now. Come and see us at our stall on the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month.

Please note we will not be at Pyrmont Market anymore. 18 years was a good run but it had to finish some time. Please consider going to Carriageworks or North Sydney markets instead. We are still committed to providing the freshest salads and herbs and hope to see you there.

Appears a colder winter than previous with frosts common particularly  down in the valley at Berrilee. Amazingly the silver perch are still feeding well in our aquaponics system. We have added an air blower and an air compressor system for increasing aeration in the pond. Both are working well making for happier healthier fish . Which in turn make for healthier plants. Our deep water raft system seems to be working well. We harvested some  large beautiful, ' buttercrunch'  lettuce which all sold quickly at our market stall.



Recently returned from Hawaii investigating salad production techniques in the Aloha state. Hawaii only cultivates 15%of the food consumed there with 85% coming from the mainland. There is a desire and much interest in increasing local production. A major chain of restaurant even has a 'localicious salad' on their menu. 


Just returned from Europe investigating restaurant farm connections. In Copenhagen we visited Restaurant Relae in Jaegersborggade.The ex Noma chef features organically produced vegetables and herbs in a degustation menu par excellence...sea buckthorn, musk ox balls and minced deer were all sampled and enjoyed!Simple Danish designed interiors. One of the young stages was Jacob ex Royal Mail in Dunkeld, Victoria who was on a working holiday and was off to work  for a month at Noma the following week. Unfortunately our 3 month waiting list booking for Noma didn't get the nod and Amass and Geranium were closed. We also enjoyed the dining experience at both BROR recommended to me by Jill Dupleix and Mielcke & Hurtigkarl located in the Frederiksberg Gardens recommended by my 2IC Rune Peitersen. Annie and Ioved how the chefs served the meal and had a chat about the composition of the plate.  In Amsterdam the restaurant De Kas is actually inside a reconstructed glasshouse in the Botanical Gardens and has vegetables growing throughout. Fantastic interior space and is highly recommended. The owner came in from his farm to chat with us about culinary production.Our waitress Jennifer had just returned from a year of working around Australia in our restaurants and had saved up to dine at Quay the week before returning to Amsterdam. In Milan we visited one of our seed suppliers, Fratelli Ingegnoli, where I  have sourced many  of the less well known traditional varieties for over 25 years Thanks Roberta for welcoming us and giving us an insight into your company and all of your wonderful seed varieties. 


Our aquaponics operation is coming closer to realisation with the delivery of 100 Australian Bass and 100 Glass Shrimp. The aim is to grow fish and watercress in tandem in a biologically diverse system. The pond and growing beds are incorporated in a windmill driven recirculating system. 100 silver perch have just been added to the pond.

SALAD  LEAVES - We are trialling a new Italian mix . It is mainly a mixture of radicchio and rocket with cos lettuce and  some Italian chicories as well.

MICRO HERBS -  We have a new product called 'Hot Mustard Mix'. It is a mix of hot  mustard cresses.

HERBS -  Thai basil and purple shiso available.

EDIBLE FLOWERS-  . Lemon gem marigolds  available.

Many people ask are we organic. Our standard answer is that we are not certified organic but our spray regime is .The sprays we use are low toxicity with a one day with holding period stipulated. The regime which includes seaweed and fish extracts is recommended by Organic Crop Protectants (OCP).

NEW PRODUCTS -                          Please click here for our product and price lists.